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An intelligent system that assesses truck parking availability and disseminates the real-time data [read more]   to the commercial truck driving the community to increase the safety of all motorists.


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    Rest Area Truck Parking

    Section 1401 of MAP-21 (PL 112-141), also known as “Jason’s Law,” was established to provide a “national priority on addressing the shortage of long-term parking for commercial motor vehicles on the National Highway System to improve the safety of motorized and non-motorized users and for commercial motor vehicle operators.” Specifically, Jason’s Law requires the USDOT to conduct a survey and comparative assessment in consultation with relevant State motor carrier representatives to:
    1. Evaluate the capability of the State to provide adequate parking and rest facilities for commercial motor vehicles engaged in interstate transportation;
    2. Assess the volume of commercial motor vehicle traffic in the State; and
    3. Develop a system of metrics to measure the adequacy of commercial motor vehicle parking facilities in the State.

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